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    Cicular Saw w/fine tooth blade

    Tape Measure


    4 - Quick Clamps

    Drill with ½" and ¼" Bits

    4 - Straight Edge

    Vise Grips





    1 - 4'x8' Sheet ½" Birch Plywood (ripped into 3" strips)

    1 - 4'x8' Sheet ¼" Birch Plywood (for top of table)

    2 - 4'x8' 1" thick Foam Board

    1 - 3' 2x2

    4 - Not 48" but 65¼"x1¼"x¼" Wood Molding

    16 - ¼"x2" Carriage Bolts

    16 - ¼" Flat Washers

    4 - ¼" Lock Washers

    8 - Lock Nuts

    8 - ¼" Wing Nuts

    4 T Nuts

    4 Threaded Leveling Feet

    Carpentor's Glue

    Trim Nails





    Mike's N Scale Banner



    Mike's N Scale Banner


    4 x 8 Set Up


    Mike's N Scale Banner


    Here is why the 1¼"x¼"wood molding should be at 65¼" long, because the mesurement between the center of both legs is 60".

    To calculate the lenght of the wood molding : --> hight²+lenght²=?? then square root of ??= ?

    20² + 60² = 400 + 3600 = 4000

    The hypotenuse of the triangle is egual to √(4000) = 63.25


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    4 x 8 Set Up




    After you have cut your four pieces of 65¼" wood moldings, and drilled a ¼" hole at one inch from each ends. Mesure from the inside of each legs half way the mesurement of the leg's width 2½" witch will be 1¼" center line. Than mesure 30" inches from the bottom of the leg. Drill a ¼" hole. Bolt one end of one 65¼" x 1¼" x ¼" molding.


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    For the other end, mesure 1¼" center line approximatly 10" from the bottom of the other leg. Put your drill through the hole of the molding and drill a hole though the center line of the leg, and bolt the other end of the molding. Do the same thing for the three other moldings.


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    4 x 8 Set Up


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    I think this is the best set up to cut your 3" and 2½" inches strips, without loosing too much wood.

    First - Cut your two eight feet 3 inches strips.

    Second - Cut your four strips of 3 inches cross members. You will cut these strips at 47 inches from each ends, until you have seven equal pieces. The last strips, (8th piece) cut it at 35 inches. This strip will be one of the leg braces.

    Third - Lay down your plywood flat on the floor so that your eight feet is from left to right. From the left, measure 40 inches. Cut on your 40 inches line. Put the right side of the plywood aside.

    Fourth - Cut your 40 inches long plywood into four, three inches strips (for front and back legs) and than 4, 2½ inches strips (for side legs).

    Fifth - Cut the final 3 inches strip at 35 inches long for the last leg brace.

    Final result, you should have six pieces of scrap wood and a nice piece of wood remaining appoximatly 55 7/8" X 29 1/4" X 1/2".

    Keep all your scrap pieces of wood (mark with a red X), they could come to be handy

    D'ont forget, your seven cross members are to be placed 16" center apart.This table top should be for a tight HO layout. I say a tight layout, because Most of the HO plan tracks come close to the edge of the table. For a better result, the table top for an HO layout plan would be a 9' X 5' table top for the simple reason in case of derailment, your train will not fall on the floor, but on its side on the table top.


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  • Here is a N scale layout done on a 4' X 8' table top.



    N scale model railroad inspired by the mining industry in 1900 Arizona. Construction is still in progress. Music from Once Upon a Time in the West. Composed and conducted by Ennio Morricone.


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    Here is a video of the construction of this layout.



    A collection of photos showing some of the construction of my Bradshaw Mountain Railroad. A 4' x 8' n scale layout wired for DC control and multi-train operation. Music by Ennio Morricone from the soundtrack of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly".


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    Layout Details for Bradshaw Mountains.



    The Bradshaw Mtn RR has been sold. I found some photos that may or may not have been seen before and thought some of you modelers may enjoy them. This is the last video. Sad to see it go, but that is the way it is.


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